Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

"Ukrainina Song" or "Folk Art"

"Ukrainian Song" (another name is "Folk Art") is a mosaic panel decoration in the center of Kyiv, which primarily decorated the side of the hotel Inturist. It was made in 1966 by Stepan Kyrychenko and his wife Nadia Klein. 

Smalt, ceramic tile


Photo: Olena Borysova, Lubava Illyenko (street view, 2022).

Photo of the mosaic design: Rasal Hague (from the exhibition in the Dukat Gallery, 2020).

Images: Design of the mosaic (1967), mosaic "Ukrainian Song" (1967). In: Фіголь М. П., Степан Кириченко. Надія Клейн. Альбом. — К. : Мистецтво, 1970. Ill. 25,26. 

Author:  Kyrychenko StepanKlein Nadiya