Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine
Save Ukrainian Mosaics

SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE – portal to the monumental decorative art of Ukraine of its Soviet period. Research, map, protection, and popularization.

SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE – Ukrainian project to collect and explore, to preserve and popularize the mosaics of the Soviet period in Ukraine in terms of their artistic value, as well as their uniqueness as a cultural resource for education and tourism.
Monumental decorative mosaics are particularly important milestone of the Ukrainian culture, containing both examples – of Soviet modernism and national features of the visual Ukrainian culture. Today there is a possibility for unbiased perception of the ideological component of the mosaic works, an objective assessment of their artistic value. In addition, the awareness of preserving the Soviet cultural heritage is an evidence of the civilized society, where the main value is the attentive treatment of cultural and historical parts. The mission of SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE is to explore, preserve and popularize the unique and great heritage of the Ukrainian mosaics.

The project of IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives is realized from 2013.