Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

"The Windhover" in a Restaurant

Boryviter, or a windhover, is a bird able to hover in the air for a long time. The concept of the authors was an emotional bond between the panel and the sea view from the window next to it, the bond evoked by the name and colors. This panel is also located in "Ukraine", the initial name of the restaurant in Mariupol, but unlike "The Tree of Life", it is located in a lighter room near the window. This is why Alla Horska and Borys Plaksiy changed the initial idea of a bird-fighter into a light, bright composition with a hawk. The other names of the work were "The Bird of Ellada" and "A Dream".

In the 80s, the restaurant went through several repairs; as a result, the window by the panel was replaced with a stained-glass window. The room is currently out of use. Two works of Alla Gorska’s collective, "Boryviter" and "The Tree of Life", remain there. They are unavailable to the public, but the conditions of the rooms are good enough to preserve the artwork. 

The Russian Invasion and occupation of Mariupol destroyed the mosaic in 2022. 


Size and material: 18 meters, smalt, slag glass ceramic, ceramic tiles and aluminum spoons

Authors: Alla Horska, Viktor Zaretskiy, Galina Zubchenko, Grygoriy Prishedko, Borys Plaksiy
Performed with the participation of Vasyl Parakhin and Nadiya Svitlychna

Photo: Lyubava Illyenko, 2014

Author:  Horska AllaZaretsky ViktorZubchenko GalinaPrishedko GrigoriyPlaksiy Boris