Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Palace of Culture, Mykolaiv

The first mosaic is located on the facade of the building of the Nikolaev Regional Palace of Culture. The artist makes the main emphasis on the figures of people - there is a captain of a ship, an electrician, and a farmer. Additional were highlighted: a globe, a ship, flags of other countries, a steering wheel, a lifebuoy.

The mosaic, which is located on the end wall of the building, is a logical continuation of the previous one. On both sides of the mosaic panel, one can see the figure of a man and a woman with a child. In the center, there is the sun, signs of the zodiac, Neptune, some ships.

Foto: Alexey Tsaryuk

Researcher: Alexey Tsaryuk

The research was carried out within the framework of the school project "The Riddle of a Mosaic" by the students of the First Ukrainian Gymnasium named after Nikolay Araks, the city of Mykolaiv. Head of research: Irina Lobodovska.

Author:  unknown artist