Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

School №5

The biggest panel of the school, the central one on the facade, is called "Prometheuses" and dated 1966. It’s size is 132 sq.m. Other mosaics are called "Cosmos", "Life", "Water", "Fire", "Earth", and "Depths", dating back to 1965. The mosaics were made chiefly by Alla Gorska, Viktor Zaretskyi, Galyna Zubchenko, Gennadiy Marchenko, and Grygoriy Synytsia, with Vasyl Parkhan, Nadiya Svitlychna, and Oleksander Korovay occasionally joining the team.

Below is the description of "Prometheuses" by its co-author G. Marchenko: “There are two colosses in the center of the mosaic, the two Prometheuses, a miner and a steelworker, holding the flame from the depths, the symbol of coal and metal energy. The background is an egg-shaped symbol of the Universe surrounded by atomic cosmic orbits that unite galaxies, planets, satellites, plants and flowers into the sympnony of colors. The work’s idea is eternal movement, the unity of Men and Nature”.
In 2012, the mosaics of the Donetsk school №5 got on the Governmental List of the landmarks of Ukraine as a cultural heritage object of the national importance, being the only object of this status in Donetsk and Donetsk region

Photo: Olena Chervonyk

Author:  Horska AllaZaretsky ViktorSinitca Grigoriy