Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

"The Race" of the Young Guard museum. Krasnodon

Monumental panels "The Flag of Victory" and "The Race" were ordered for the Young Guard, or Molodaya Gvardiya, museum in Krasnodon. The panel was supposed to be the culmination of ideological and semantic, emotional and colorful center of attraction of the hall, which organizes the interior space. The mosaic has always been on the borderline of destruction because of fierce censorship of the time, strengthened by the expulsion of Alla Gorska from the Union of artists. Alla had to deny her authorship to save the work and avoid any trouble for her co-authors, Zaretskiy and Plaksiy (in favor of V. Smirnov - the architect of the project). The drafts from 1968 on cardboard are attached.

The museum was repaired substantially to commemorate the 70th birthday of the underground youth league

Museum site:

Authors: Alla Gorska, Viktor Zaretskiy, Borys Plaksiy, (V. Smirnov)


Material: mosaic, smalt, glass, steel, aluminium


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