Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Soviet jewelry store "Rubin"

The panel "Bird Woman" by Alla Gorska, a famous Ukrainian artist, once decorated the interior of the Soviet jewelry store called Rubin in the center of Donetsk (having been co-created by V. Zaretskyi and G. Synytsia). Another names of the work are Berehynia, the Protector, and Treasure. The panel features a winged goddess that is carrying a shining gemstone. In 2002, repair of the building put the panel on the border line of destruction. However, it was removed and re-created in the space of McDonalds restaurant due to the efforts of the activists and Lyudmyla Ogneva, the researcher of the 60th art generation


Size and material: 25 meters, smalt, colored glass, ceramic tile, brooch

Authors: Alla Gorska, Viktor Zaretskyi, Grygoriy Synytsia

Photo: Mayа Saenko

Author:  Horska AllaZaretsky ViktorSinitca Grigoriy