Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Cinema Krakow

The building of the cinema "Krakow" in Rusanovka district was built in 1968. Inside it was decorated with a ceramic relief "Krakowites and Hurals", which was created by the Soviet Ukrainian artists, brothers Leonid Alekseevich Kapitan and Aleksey Alekseevich Kapitan, with the participation of Eduard Leonidovich Kapitan, son of Leonid.

The ceramic panel depicted folk dances of Poles and Hurals (Tatra mountaineers), residents of the region near the city of Krakow, a twinned city of Kyiv. In 2019, during the reconstruction of the building by the new owners, the decorative panel was destroyed.


Photo: fb Iaroslav Barashenkov,, photo of the Soviet magazine from Ket Nelina

Author:  Leonid KapitanAleksey Kapitan