Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Kapitan Leonid

Leonid Alekseevich Captain


Born on June 18, 1917, in Kyiv. Graduated from the Kyiv Art Institute (1941). His teachers were F. Krichevsky, S. Grigoriev, V. Kostetsky, I. Shtilman.

He worked in the field of book and graphics, posters, and monumental-decorative art. Together with his brother, he created the decorative ceramic panel "Krakivtsi and Gurali" in the "Krakow" cinema in Kyiv (1967-1968).

Participated in the exhibitions: on the republican level - since 1945,  in all-Union exhibitions since 1967, in the international ones - since 1947. Died on June 2, 1985.