Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Ukraine mosaic, the Sea Trade Port

The 5-meter mosaic panel "Ukraine" is located on one of the facades of the administrative buildings of the Mykolaiv sea trade port. Mosaic was created by a collective of local artists in the middle of 1980th. The art piece reflects the wealth and beauty of the Ukrainian land in an allegorical way. There is a young Ukrainian woman made of smalt in the center of the composition, as a symbol of a young and beautiful country. There are images of the most developed industries of the region and the most common landscapes around her figure. 

Researcher: Zubar Karina, Tsaryuk Alexey. The research was carried out within the framework of the school project "The Riddle of a Mosaic" by the students of the First Ukrainian Gymnasium named after Nikolay Araks, the city of Mykolaiv. Head of the research group: Irina Lobodovska

Photo: Irina Lobodovska

Author:  unknown artist