Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

23 Dekabristov Street

Description: the so-called "sunny mosaic" combines yellow, blue, pink, white colors, as if radiating joy. It depicts ships - a symbol of the city, as well as houses, power plants. It is known that this building was built in the 50s of the XX century by German prisoners of war, but the mosaic panel was made in the 1980s. The mosaic is located at a busy intersection of the main sidewalks of this district. According to the local painter Dmitry Leonidovich Bolyakov, the mosaic was made by the masters from Kyiv. This composition is well preserved. Most importantly, it decorates the area and is beloved by the townspeople and guests of Mykolaiv.

Author: a group of craftsmen from Kiev
Topic: industrial production characteristic of the region
Photo: Irina Lobodovska
Researcher: Alexey Tsaryuk.

The research was carried out within the framework of the school project "The Riddle of a Mosaic" by the students of the First Ukrainian Gymnasium named after Nikolay Araks, the city of Mykolaiv. Head of research: Irina Lobodovskay

Author:  unknown artist