Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Stele "Slovyansk 300"

Mosaic steles on the Izyum-Slaviansk highway at the entrance to the city of Sloviansk, Donetsk region (on both sides of the highway)

The steles are decorated with different subjects.
The first stele
The plot reveals the main activities of the city. In the center of the composition are employees of the Slavic Ceramic Plant. Around the central composition, the artist placed the Salt Lakes (a balneological resort). The inscription reads "Sloviansk 300 years".
The end of the stele is decorated with the image of a woman guardian.
 The second stele.
The plot is dedicated to the foundation of the city. A Slavic army led by a voivode near the Tor fortress. The inscription reads "Sloviansk is 300 years old".
The end of the stele depicts soldiers of the Second World War. 
State of preservation: normal.

Author: not identified
Date of foundation: 1976(?)
Photo: Bruno Kalouaz

Photo: Olga Ivanenko


Author:  unknown artist