Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

"Cosmos", panel series. Kostyantynivka

Four mosaic panels come in line one after another, being located on the side walls of the houses on Kosmonavtiv boulevard in Kostyantynivka. The plot is connected with the local manufacturer "Avtosteklo", which produced portholes in the Soviet time. The smalt mosaic with the flighing austronaut was called "The First One in Cosmos" and was made by Evgen Orlikov.  The panel "Conquerors of Space" depicts a man and woman astronauts, emphasizing the gender approach to this occupation of that time.


Material: smalt, tiles

Authors: Evgen Orlikov, Vitalyi Mironov, Oleksander Gazovskyi

Photo: Anna Ponomaryova, Leonid Marushchak

Author:  Orlikov Evgen