Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Riverside station

Kyiv riverside station was built in 1957-1961 at the Postal Square by the architects Vadym Gopkalo, Vadym Ladnyi, Grygoryi Slutskyi and others.

The decoration of the interior was performed by the artists Ernest Kotkov, Valeryi Lamakh, and Ivan Lytovchenko. The innovative combination of the materials was used  - ceramics and colored cement.

Three monumental decorative panels were created in the interior of the waiting hall - "From the Varangians to the Greeks", "Bogdan Khmelnytskyi comes in Kiyv" and "Arsenal". The restaurant was decorated with three panels - "Ukraine and Dnepr" and the friso "Work on the Dnepr river" and "Holiday". The lobby was decorated on both sides by the panel "Seagull over the Dnepr river". In the exterior, "Dnepr - a trade route", there is a portico of the riverside station which is made of the Inkerman stone by the carving.


Material: ceramic tiles, smalt, sgraffito / colored cement, carving stone

Authors: E. Kotkov, V. Lamakh, I. Lytovchenko

Photo: Evgen Nikiforov

Author:  Lytovchenko IvanKotkov ErnestLamakh Valeriy