Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine

Marchuk Ivan

Born in May 12, 1936, in the Moskalivka village, Lanivtsi Raion, Ternopil region

After the 7-year school he entered the Lviv School of Applied Arts in honer of I.Trush in department of decorative painting, where he studied for 1951-1956 years.

After serving in the army, continued studying ceramics in department at Lviv Institute of Applied Arts, graduated in 1965.

During 1965-1968 years he worked at the Institute of Superhard Materials, NAS of Ukraine.

During 1968-1984 he worked at the Kiev plant monumental and decorative art.

Since 1984 - a creative work.

During 1989-2001 he lived in Australia, Canada and the United States.

Now lives and works in Kiev.